Our Story

OnlyCreamery is founded in 2022 by Titus Low and Hundred Acre Creamery. We found mutual interest in a creating platform for everyone to be equally happy over the enjoyment of gelato. We believe gelato is for everyone and can put a smile on anyone's face, just like love and happiness, regardless of who they are.

At OnlyCreamery, we're committed to curate inclusively joyful spaces for everyone to be themselves or bond with their loved ones over a simple cup of good dessert.

Our handcrafted gelato are daily churned in-house with fresh and premium ingredients. No food colouring and preservatives used. All inspirations of flavours come from our research, cultural identities and happy experiences.

OnlyCreamery is not only a gelato cafe, but also a space that holds a special meaning. As we support inclusivity and equal happiness, the design of this cafe represents that spirit. It was made from different materials that blend together nicely and celebrate the nature of each other. We have some big sharing tables so that people can share the space and bond together comfortably.  We also made the logo of OnlyCreamery in pastel rainbow colours as it’s the way for us to support inclusivity and diversity.

People may think the name “OnlyCreamery” is just a wordplay relating to Titus Low's previous career. However, we actually want to celebrate the idea that ice cream is such an amazingly inclusive source of happiness, simply for everyone. When you come to OnlyCreamery, you can just relax, be yourself in the present moments, and focus on only things that matter — such as ice cream and your own happiness.